About Us

Don't let your child's academic muscles get soft for lack of exercise this summer! Excel can help them maintain skills the learned in the last school year and get a head start on next year with our Summer Classes! Check out our class schedule and register today!

We help students of all ages achieve excellence in academics!

Our instructors have years of experience working with students of all ages and learning abilities. Whether your student needs a little help with their homework, has an IEP and needs to catch up with their class, or is looking for academic enrichment beyond what is offered in their school, Excel Learning Center will provide the instruction and experience that is right for you.

When your child comes to Excel Learning Center we will use a variety of techniques and diagnostic tests to determine what he or she already knows. Then we will create a customized learning plan to help them achieve their goals. We rely on your child's report card, standardized test results, and periodic evaluations of our own for proof of progress.